About Us

About Us

Far North Queensland Tint 'n' Trailers is a brand you can trust. Owned and operated by a Far North Queensland born and bred entrepreneur, Luke Smith, Far North Queensland Tint 'n' Trailers is an alternative to the typical tinting companies you will find.

We focus on quality, good workmanship, personalized service and your satisfaction.

Your home and your motor vehicle are two of the biggest purchases you will ever make. Ensuring that they are protected along with yourself, from the harsh North Queensland sunshine is paramount.

Far North Queensland Tint 'n' Trailers trailer arm provides Cairns and surrounding residents in areas such as Mareeba, Atherton, Innisfail, Port Douglas, Tully and Mission Beach, with quality trailers at the right price. We have search to find the best selection of trailers, that are affordable and of high quality.

To find out more about Far North Queensland Tint 'n' Trailers, why not contact Luke Smith today on 07 4051 2003 or email info@tintntrailers.com.au for a free quote.

About Luke Smith

Luke Smith has grown up in Far North Queensland his entire life. After finishing school in Townsville, Luke started working in the motor industry.

After several years experience, Luke and his wife Anita saw an opportunity to open his own tinting business, with the support and mentoring of his previous employer Steve.

Having come from a family of entrepreneurs, Luke sees owning his business as one of the milestones of his career to date. The opportunity to build a brand, create a product and service that the market needs and to do what he enjoys, brings a lot of satisfaction.

Far North Queensland Tint 'n' Trailers Brand

The Far North Queensland Tint 'n' Trailers brand was developed to showcase the raw elements of North Queensland culture and to be easily translable for use across all marketing mediums.

"The brand was developed with the cultural aspects of North Queensland in mind, and depicts the sunny disposition of the climate and people," said Katie Chuang, a Melbourne-based marketing and brand analysis who worked with the designer on the logo.

If you would like to know more about the brand or the people who developed it, please email katie@marketingeye.com.au or ring 1300 300 080.

For more information or a free no obligation quote, please contact 07 4051 2003.


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