Tinting - Protection Products


In addition to our protection products, Tint 'n' Trailers specialises in car detailing services like engine degreasing, watermark removal, scratch removal, underbody black, interior wash and stain removal, chrome and alloy polishing, cut and polish.

Our protection products include:

Upper and Under Body Rust Sealant

Although manufacturers are making major improvements at the assembly line, Mother Nature continues to intervene and rust still pervails. This unique blend of selected waxes, resins and corrosion control agents permeates all joints and seams where spot welding occurs thereby preventing and neutralising any existing rust.

Areas Covered

  • Tail light and headlight mounts
  • Under bonnet, doors and sills
  • Wheels arches
  • Under body floor pan
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No drilling or holes required
  • Lifetime warranty (for vehicles under 6 years)

rust guard

For more information or a free no obligation quote, please contact 07 4051 2003.

Fabric and Carpet Sealant

The inside of your car is subject to repeated traffic and abuse. Like it or not, food, shopping spills, pets, perspiration, odours, dirt, grease and grime are a fact of life and unfortunately contribute to the deterioration of a vehicles interior. Our unique blend of ingredients adheres to each individual fabric and carpet fibre creating a powerful defence against unsightly stains. A once only application designed to strengthen and maintain that "factory fresh new car look and feel"


  • Repels food and beverage spillages
  • Prevents fading from ultra voilet rays
  • Reduces wear and tear caused by friction
  • Water repellent
  • Non toxic
  • Environmentally kind
  • Lifetime warranty (for vehicles under 6 years)

Vinyl and Leather Sealant

A deeply penetrating, moisturising treatment designed to nourish the vinyl and leather leaving it soft and supple with a beautiful matt finish. This luxurious conditioner not only prevents premature ageing of your vinyl/leather but also guarantees against cracking, fading, splitting and staining - an unpleasant look so commonly seen in untreated cars. Just simply wipe over with a damp cloth for that sleek new finish.

fabric protecion

Areas Treated

  • Dash board
  • Console
  • Scuff plates
  • Door panels
  • Boot surrounds
  • Sun visors
  • All leather surfaces
  • Environmentally kind
  • Lifetime warranty (for vehicles under 6 years)

Paint Sealant

Unlike ordinary car waxes, polishes or protective coatings, our paint sealant technologically advanced superior sealant is specifically designed for the motor industry.

This revolutionary advanced PTFE (polytetrafluroethylene) formula not only penetrates and seals cars' paint surfaces, it also enhances its beautiful colour, lustre and shine. Let's face it first impressions count. Having our highly developed paint sealant applied to your vehicle will guarantee to lock in that original paint code colour thereby eliminating any chance of fading or discolouration.


  • Never need to wax or polish
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ensures easier colour matching for touch ups
  • Environmentally kind
  • UV protected
  • Lifetime warranty (for vehicles under 6 years)

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